Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whats been going on

wow I have had a very busy week! It seems to me that everything comes at you at once!!! my poor little Bella got fleas from the groomers :( so I have been trying to make her feel better, they are pretty much gone now which is good cause I felt so bad cause as you know you can't do much for them you just have to wait for them to die once you put that stuff on your pet. Then it was my dad and brothers birthday this week Then you add all the other stuff that goes with life and it feels like I never got to seat down!!

I am now getting into some mixed media stuff again and i think I am going to start carrying some of it into my zibbet store!! It is going to take a couple of weeks but I places a new order and I am going to be getting some prima, ranger , and some other new fun goodies in my store! I hope that will get here in 2 weeks and hopefully in my store shortly after! I have been looking into getting some Faber-Castell in my store as well right now I am just looking into it so hopefully I will get there stuff in me store in a month or so if everything so good!

What I really can't wait for is for my cameo to come in the mail!!! I am really hoping for this week! I really can't wait to  play I have been buying shapes since september!!! I have 300 of them!! I know crazy right! I know I have a cricut but I have been thinking about getting a silhouette for years but at first it did not work with macs, then it did but I did not like that it did not cut 12x12 but now it does!! from what I have seem over the years is that the silhouette cuts way clearer then the cricut, but what I really love is that I can go online and buy new shapes 24 hours and cut them less then a min later! I still love my cricut and I will still use it, I just always wanted a silhouette and saw that oh my crafts had an awesome deal! They had it on per order (still do) for $269 then I got 20% off so it can to $215!! now I think they stop letting people use the 20% off but it never hurts to try!

Anyhow I better get going my scrap room is calling me!! I hope everyone is doing well!!

bye for now mel

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