Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crafting again!!

Well even though it's been a long time since a post last I have been doing some crafting not much but a little!! And then this week I have full out started crafting again!!  But everything is not working out for me!! I used bad cardstock in my silhouette and it missed up 2 blades!!  Before I understood what was wrong!  I am very upset with that cause as you know blades are not cheap and I don't have any left :( so my silhouette is not cutting very Well I hope that I can pick up some blades on Saturday when I go to scrap fest!!

I so can't wait to go to scrap fest in Oshawa!!  I have been waiting for weeks!!  Hopefully I can find some awesome things there and some blade or at least one the get me though till more come in!!

I also decided to join Close To My Heart!! I am really excited about this cause I love all the products my favorite being there stamps! So I can't wait for my kit to come in!

Well that's it for today,  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


  1. Yikes! Too bad about the blades, Melissa! Just don't quit now! lol
    Can't wait to hear about Scrapfest and see what you pick up! I'm also excited to see what you get in your CTMH kit! They're products really are great! Have a great time this weekend!...Nancy :o)

    1. I can't wait for scrapfest either and its only hours away!! I will for sure do a video showing all the great goodies that I find!! I will for sure show you the CTMH kit!! I can't wait to get that in either!! I also have a small haul from there as well to show in my next haul! I am also uploading a card video right now so keep an eye out for that!!
      I hope you have a great weekend Nancy!!