Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hey guys! Today I am going to show you a home decor project!! I bought these flowers at wal-mart on clearance!! But I can see why they can in cute pots but they were falling apart :( At first I was going to glue the rope back on but decided not to so I was just going to pull the rope off and leave it!

Well as you see see that looked very boring so that only lasted a day before I had to change it, and then it hit me how silly I am cause I have this room full of stuff that I could use to make these pots super cute!!
So I went though all my ribbon and found this really cute lace and I also found these really cute butterflies that I had bought years ago and never found something to put them on. Well now I have!! I glue it all together with my hot glue gun and look how awesome they turned out!!
So remember if you are not to happy with how something looks then go though your stash and change it the the way that will make you love it!!

Thank you for checking out my blog! I hope you all have a great day!! Hope to see you soon!!

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